NFT Staking

NFT Staking Mechanism

NFT Staking allows players to earn Pixel tokens by locking up their NFTs. To participate in NFT Staking, players must:

  1. Own a creature card (NFT).

  2. Stake the creature card in the staking pool.

Allocation and Vesting

  • Allocation: 10% of the total Pixel token supply is reserved for NFT Staking.

  • Vesting Period: There is a 24-month vesting period during which staked tokens will be released progressively.

Staking Rewards

Rewards are distributed on a periodic basis and may depend on a number of factors, including:

  • The rarity of the staked creature card.

  • The duration for which the card is staked.

  • The total number of participants in the staking pool.

NFT Staking with Cyber Hamster

The Cyber Hamster is an example of a "creature" NFT. Creatures like this have the special ability to help users generate Pixel tokens through the NFT Staking process.

4 Ways to Generate PIXEL Tokens

  1. Initial Purchase: Buying PIXEL tokens from the initial liquidity pool at the Token Generation Event (TGE).

  2. Creature Mining: Using "creature" NFTs to mine PIXEL tokens.

  3. Material Scrapping: Collecting materials from a Pixel Extractor and converting them into PIXEL tokens.

  4. Pixel wallet: A seamless multichain wallet that launches in Telegram in one click. Mass adoption is near. We will distribute 4% of tokens total supply.

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