Inventory & Slots

I'll tell you about inventory, slots, and rarity of NFT (c) Pixel

In the current patch a Miner can equip six NFTs and an Artifact. To equip an NFT a player must unlock the slots in the following order:

Artifact - unlocks for 1 PXLs

Pocket 1 - unlocks for 5 PXLs or 15 $SGB.

Pocket 2 - opens for 10 PXLs or 30 $SGB

Backpack - opens for 15 PXLs or 45 $SGB

Pocket 3 - opens for 20 PXLs or 60 $SGB

Belt - opens for 25 PXLs or 75 $SGB

Pocket 4 - opens for 30 PXLs or 90 $SGB.

Slots are differentiated by the type of equipped items and their effects:

🔹 Pockets improves Drill extraction

🔹 Backpack and Belt improves Storage and Referral storage capacity

❗️ Also, some NFTs can impose debuffs on the Storage or Drill, but give an increased bonus to the opposite parameter

NFT Rarity Types:

  • Common

  • Uncommon

  • Rare

  • Epic

  • Legendary

The rarer the NFT, the more bonus to drill or stock it gives 🚀

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