Decentralized identifier (DID) technology

What is DID? This is a decentralized platform based on blockchain and encryption technology, acting as a digital identity provider.

How it work

It is a smart contract system and encryption protocol. First of all, the Metaverse iD digital citizen platform is an open source, decentralized platform that serves as an open identity provider. We expect that these open standards will be widely adopted in the future Metaverse world. The mission of this platform is to lay the foundation of future digital activities, so that any company or organization can use this as its universal identity layer.​

How it connect with Digital Soul

The Digital Soul is the fundamental user unit of the HelloPixel ecosystem.​

DID acts as an external user name (example: user.pixel) and allows you to quickly access your profile by entering DID in any Internet browser.

Your profile will display all the useful information, your achievements, your reputation, discounts, opportunities, etc.

As your reputation grows the user will get more and more benefits.


The benefits of this system, as mentioned earlier, will grow as the user immerses himself in the HelloPixel ecosystem

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