Pixel Forge

Pixel Forge is an important part of the ecosystem that allows for the craft of items, creatures, and nano tools to empower the user with NFT technologies.

Overview of Pixel Forge

Pixel Forge integrates blockchain and nanotechnology, enabling users to create various digital assets. Key features include:

  • Item Creation: Craft unique items as NFTs using subatomic fabrication.

  • Creature Generation: Bioengineer digital organisms, each as unique NFTs.

  • Tool Development: Create tools for managing and enhancing NFTs in digital spaces.

Acquiring Materials for Item Creation

To initiate the item creation process in Pixel Forge (Synthetic Nanostation), necessary materials must be collected. These can be extracted from synthesized containers using the Pixel Extractor tool.

Pixel Disassembly and Tokens

Upon the completion of item creation, disassembling them is an option. During this process, you can obtain Pixel Tokens. The amount of Pixel Tokens gathered depends on:

  • The level of your Pixel Extractor

  • The efficiency of the Pixel Forge

  • Your profile level

  • The type of equipment used

Enhancing these aspects increases Pixel Tokens gained.

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